Monday, August 1, 2011

MPXD: Ex Marks This Spot

After this latest national disgrace in which our President once again abandoned the people who supported him in order to appease those who hate him and hate all that the Democratic Party stands for, I can no longer be a Democrat.

I have not left the Party. The Party has left me. And I am grieving because of it.

But until some hoped-for day in the future when those we elect actually stand and fight for the ideals our Democratic Party was built on, I will not call myself a Democrat. When this party again defends the poor and the powerless, when it protects the weak against attacks from the rich and powerful, when it speaks for labor and jobs and not for greed and corporate corruption, I will happily welcome my Party home.

I don’t see that day coming anytime soon, though. So I will be Montco PA Ex-Dem from this point on.

You have no idea how sad this makes me.


Anonymous said...

You can't leave! Remember when Republicans had a different point of view but seemed like normal, reasonable people? Now they're letting the right wing crazies run the party while everyday, middle-of-the-road Republicans sit back and watch. The Democratic Party needs us to stick with them and steer them back onto the right track. If we give up when they're headed in the wrong direction (yielding to Rep wing nuts), then Dems are in danger of ending up in the same boat as the Republicans. We have to keep trying to steer the Dems away from the crazy. Besides, your blog is one of the few local points of view out there. Don't go!

Montco PA Dem said...

Far as I can tell, the Democratic party is on the right(wing) track, both nationally and locally. I want a vibrant, progressive, dedicated-to-working-people Democratic Party, and not a party that goes through contortions trying to appease crazy Republicans in Congress, or that tries to run a lifelong Republican as its Senate candidate in PA, or that turns its back on the one man identified with the party in this county for the past 20 years. Right now, this is a party without a vision and without a soul at every level. While I still wholeheartedly support its one-time ideals, I reject the clueless way it is being run (and destroyed) by corporate hacks.