Thursday, July 28, 2011

Overweight and Out of Control

It's official: the Governor of New Jersey is fat, irresponsible and reckless.

What's more, he's costing the state an untold amount of money in extra health care and state administrative fees because of his total disregard for his health.

The rotund teabagger was rushed to the hospital today, complaining of shortness of breath. Apparently it wasn't a heart attack (the first thing one might suspect, given the Guv's gigantic size) but instead may have been triggered by an existing asthma condition.

According to a report on (with my emphasis added):
While it is not known if this is an asthmatic attack at this point, a source close to the governor confirms Christie has suffered from asthma for years.
"He carries an inhaler with him," this source told NBC New York.
He also noted that the governor's weight doesn't help his health issues.
So just to recap:

- Christie knows he's got a history of asthma

- He allows himself to get big as a house, making the condition worse

- And when it inevitably results in him being carted off to the ER, Jersey taxpayers foot the hefty health-care bill along with all the expense involved in setting up security, transportation, communications and all the trappings that go along with having the governor make an unscheduled hospital visit.

Just one more reason that Chris Christie is bad for New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Guess you've never met your Clerk of Courts.

She'd beat Christie to the buffet.

Anonymous said...

She is grossly fat, it is true. But she is attractive with a nice personality, right? And a snappy dresser.

Montco PA Dem said...

Ann could stand to lose a few, true enough. But she's not the governor of a state responsible for putting thousands of people out of work, cutting funding to schools and wantonly slashing state services to the poor and middle class. And as far as know, unlike Chris Christie, she doesn't have any existing health problems she's making worse by being overweight, thereby putting taxpayers on the hook for the inevitable hospital bills. And if she ever is hospitalized, there won't be the need to construct a makeshift state capital around her like there was with Chris Christie.

I'm not anti-fat - I'm anti irresponsible, reckless and fat. Which describes Christie perfectly.