Monday, July 16, 2012

I'll see your VoterID and raise you hours-long lines and thousands of provisional ballots

I'm through trying to argue the common sense "anti-voterness" of this ID law. Either the courts will see it and rule as they always have that uncommon barriers to voting are unconstitutional, or they will cave to the Republican assault and allow it.

If Voter ID is not tossed out in court, then Democrats should fight fire with fire.

We should recruit as many Democratic voters as possible in heavily Republican districts and have them show up in November without ID and demand to vote through the time-consuming process of provisional ballot. We should do it in every county across the state of Pennsylvania. We should do whatever we can to make voting lines in those districts hours long - if Republicans want to vote, they should have to pay the price, just as they're making Democrats do.

If Repubs want to play the game, we should show we know how to play, too. When one side declares war, the other side either fights back or it surrenders. I'm not ready to give up, and I hope the Democratic Party feels the same way.

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