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Friday, April 6, 2012

Time has come today...

...And with it, a question.

Yes, I am one of the two dozen or so people who still get a print version of Time Magazine each week. I keep saying I'm going to give it up and subscribe to the New Yorker instead, but so far the law of inertia is winning.

So anyway, the latest edition showed up today and I'm stuck on the page with the Book reviews. What's with the bar codes on every book cover on that page? I literally went from cover to cover in this week's issue (well, April 16's to be accurate), looking for some sort of explanation, but there is nothing there.

At first, I was thinking this might be some sort of link to an online book-sales page, but there doesn't appear to be any kind of app or software that covers this. So now I'm guessing that these were leftover internal layout codes for each book cover photo (note the % figures for each, likely relating to how each should be sized from its original).

Just putting this up in hopes that somebody might know for sure. Anyone have an answer?

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