Monday, May 16, 2011

The few, the proud...the Primary voters

We're a hardy bunch, us handful of voters who show up in off-year primaries. Doesn't matter whether it's wet, or unseasonably cold or even if there aren't any contested races - like addicted gamblers who spy a vacant slot machine, if you put up a voting booth we will invariably jump into it. We need that fix twice a year no matter what.

So tomorrow, the 10 percent or so of us who do this without question will make our trudge to the polls, push the buttons and return home to await our next fix in November, when our votes will actually have some impact. Unlike tomorrow's vote, especially for Democrats in Montgomery County, where the closest we come to a contest is the cross-filed judges. (Hint to Dems: read your sample ballot and vote Haaz & Austin.)

But just for the hell of it, I will be committing one small protest gesture tomorrow. One of my two votes for County Commissioner will be a write-in, inspired by the no-class way that our party's standard-bearer of just four years ago was kicked to the curb by MCDC leadership.

I'll push the button for Josh Shapiro tomorrow. And then I'll write in the name of Joe Hoeffel. And I'll say a silent thanks for the way that Joe has conducted himself in the face of unrelenting opposition from Republicans, the Times Herald and the people who call the shots in his own party.

Joe, there are still plenty of people in Montco who appreciate all that you've done throughout your career. Your name should be on the ballot, and the party should be ashamed of itself for allowing this to happen.

If this is the last time I get to vote for Joe, I will do it proudly. The man has served us well.

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