Monday, March 14, 2011

This should be fun

It appears that one of Montco's most strident Wingnutters is trying to unseat a two-term incumbent Supervisor in Upper Providence.

Personally, I wish Lisa Mossie great sucess in the primary and I hope she wins. It will be much sweeter to see her lose to a Democrat in the fall.

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Anonymous said...

Just what we need in Upper Providence after years of Bob Fieo and his buddies: someone with entire blog posts dedicated to opposing bipartisanship. It's a 3-person board with 1 Democrat on it, and nearly half the residents of this township are Democrats. Couldn't the Republicans find someone in the middle of the road, where most people in both parties live? I'm glad the Democratic opponent is normal. A local Board of Supervisors isn't the place for partisan extremes.